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3D Printing Troubleshooting

Here's a quick collection of snippets on how to fix various issues related to 3D printing.



Printer stays 'on' when I turn it off and it's connected to octoprint

  • Cause:
    • This happens because the raspberry pi is powering the board through usb, there won't be enough power to actually print anything but the board will be available to interact with and the screen stays on.
  • Fix:
    • This was a great one from loclhst on the octoprint boards. Simply take a piece of electric tape and cover the 5v pin on the large plug of the cable you're using. As you look into the plug with the pins showing on the bottom the far right pin is the one that delivers the power, that's the one that you want to cover.
    • If you wanted a more destructive solution you could always rip into the cable and sever the red wire but I've not had any issues with the electrical tape solution myself.







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