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Lambda Shortcuts


I'll write some more on Lambda expressions sometime soon but they're a great way of declaring a method body on the fly which can be lovely when used in conjunction with Delegates. Initially here are some fun things that you can do with them:



Shorten Pass-Through Method Definitions

Depending on how you're designing your objects, to adhere to good encapsulation principles you'll want to hide any objects that a class has and expose their functionality through public methods on your class which means you'll have a lot of methods and functions which look like this:

public int CountList()
return ListObject.Count();

public bool ProcessChange(object _ParamObject)
return PrivateObj.ProcessChange(_ParamObject);


Which is all well and good but it takes up a lot of space for something that has a very simple function. A more succinct solution would be to re-write the above using lambda expression syntax:

public int CountList() => ListObject.Count();

public bool ProcessChange(object _ParamObject) => PrivateObj.ProcessChange(_ParamObject);












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