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CSharp Test for Table in Access DB Through OleDb

C# Test for Table in Access DB Through OleDb

 This is up here because it was a pain to try and perform through SQL, I ended up looking at some really good articles for granting select permissions to the admin user until I found that user level permissions weren't a thing for .Accdb files... *sigh* so if you want to be able to test for the existence of a table in an access database through OleDb then here's your code:

public bool TableExists(string _TableName, string _ConnectionString = null)
    bool tablefound = false;
    using (DBConn = new OleDbConnection(CheckConnectionString(_ConnectionString)))
        var schema = DBConn.GetOleDBSchemaTable(OleDbSchemaGuid.Tables , new object[] { null, null, null, "TABLE"}); 
        if (schema.Rows
              .Any(r => r.ItemArray[2].ToString().ToLower() == _TableName.ToLower()))
            tablefound = true;
    return tablefound;


if you are using an older file extension though then there's always the path that I tried to take initially as an option:

// This is the string you'll need to throw at the database to ensure you've got permissions for the below
string GrantPerms = "GRANT SELECT ON MSysObjects TO Admin;"
// This is the string you'll want for your sql select, it will return 0 or 1
string sql = @"SELECT  iif(DlookUp(""Name"",""MSysObjects"",""Name = '{0}'"") is null, 0, 1) ";
string finalSql = String.Format(sql, _TableName);


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