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Disable VBA IDE Error Popup

Disable VBA IDE Error Popup

If you've ever used the VBA IDE you may have come across a message box that interrupts your flow and looks something like this:



For the longest time I thought that this was simply an awful feature of VBA - how often do you write the beginning of a line of code, ending with say an = sign to go and copy the rest of the line and the IDE jumps in the way to tell you that you've left something unfinished? I shudder to think how much time has been lost to this simple feature. All is not lost and you can make the VBA IDE much more comfortable to use simply by going to:


and unchecking the "Auto Syntax check" option.



Done! now you'll be able to leave a line incomplete and instead of showing you a popup the IDE will simply highlight the errant code in red - wonderful!



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