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SQL Find Stored Proc Info


Stored procedures and functions are great ways of coding functionality and leaving it on a database to be used later. If however you write a lot of programmability objects or you're working on a database that you're not familiar with you might find it a bit of a pain to ferret out the specific function or stored procedure that you're after and really, whilst using databases you shouldn't have to read through a list on the object explorer when you're using SQL to get information on everything else!.


As you'd expect microsoft agrees with this philosophy whole-heartedly and there's a lovely little view that you can use to get hold of information on procedures or functions. Without further ado, here's the Microsoft page on the view and here's a quick SQL example for you to copy/paste away:


declare @ProcName varchar(500) = 'address'

WHERE ROUTINE_NAME LIKE '%' + @ProcName + '%'










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