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Learning the Fretboard

The fretboard has 6 strings and up to 24 frets per string spanning 2 full octaves and we learn our chords and more often than not scales through shapes which can then be moved up and down the fretboard to change keys. This can leave us remembering information about what works well together in chunks, over time we learn enough chunks to see where they overlap which expands our knowledge and gives us different ways to play but this isn't enough to gain freedom and dominance of the fretboard.


Here are some of the more common approaches I've been using in my persuit of getting a better handle on the fretboard, you'll see a lot of familiar shapes pop up throughout but it's worth going through all of the exercises and learning each shape from different root notes and different positions (playing up or down the neck from the root for example and which finger you use to begin as a consequence).

















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