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TiddlyWiki! ...What?

Obviously I think that wikis are pretty useful things otherwise you wouldn't be reading these words, but before I set this up I've used personal wikis in every role that I've held professionally for well over a decade. Tiddlywiki is just one solution to the personal wiki problem but it's one that I particularly enjoy for the following reasons:

  • It's lightweight
    • TiddlyWikis consist of only one HTML file which can be moved around easily - although generally I build a folder structure around mine to store images etc..
  • Because it's lightweight, it can be copied or shared incredibly easily
  • It can run as a HTA application simply by changing the extension from .html to .hta
  • It's so simple to add information and structures to, you're less documenting things than making use of a personal notepad 
  • It supports plugins for things like code syntax highlighting among other things

That said it's worth noting that there are a few downsides to be aware of

  • Multiple users should be basically avoided
    • you might think that it's a great idea to put your tiddlywiki somwhere like a network drive and have people access it that way but you quickly run into issues when they start saving information and saves start conflicting. Tiddlywiki is a one file solution after all and it doesn't handle multiple users at all
  • Installing plugins is, in my experience, a pretty manual task (although thankfully it's not a complicated one)

Below are a few articles on how to get things done with a tiddlywiki and I'll update more as I go along:


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