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Replacing TikiWiki Favicons

Replacing TikiWiki Favicons

So I've had to do this twice now, and the second time I'd forgotten what needed to go where but I remember it being a bit of a pain so here's the article that means I'll never need to look this up again!.

Note: I've linked some websites here, they were simply what I happened to use after messing around for an afternoon trying to get something done. I'm sure there are competitors and even better services out there.

In quickly branding a website you'll need a logo, and even if you're only mocking something up so that it can be replaced later I found it to be quicker to use a halfway decent but basic, free logo editing site like this one rather than spending what always ended up being far too long scrolling through free pre-built logos or entering details into a site and generating awesome logos only to find out at the last minute that you need to pay. Go and get yourself a Logo that you can use for the site because in almost all instances this is the image that you'll want to use as your favicon.



Favicons have gotten a lot more complicated over the years, it's not just different browsers that you need to contend with but different browsers on different devices and in menu screens etc.. with this, once again, I let a website like this one take care of keeping up to date with which formats are needed by which software. Take the logo that you've generated above and feed it into the favicon generator, make a few stylistic tweaks to the icon as shown on different platforms and grab your files - you're ready to actually replace


Making the switch

There are a few places that you might want to put your new favicons, feel free to back up the ones that you have now in case you don't like your replacements but otherwisee fill the following locations with your newly generated favicon files:

  • Themes folder
    •  syswiki\themes\base_files\favicons
  •  Site Icon location
    •  img/tiki/tikilogo_icon.png
  •  Logo Location (I thought I'd put this in here anyway)
    •  img/tiki/Tiki_WCG.png


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