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MySQL Command Line

MySQL Command Line


In you explorations around websites you may well find yourself needing to make use of MySQL databases, on installing a fresh version onto windows server to support some wiki funcitonality I found that I only had access to the command line interface as a way of interacting with MySQL, this is (understandably) very reminiscent of using an oracle system - understandable as mysql is more usually at home on linux boxes!.


If you're on windows however you might want to take a look at the mysql workbench, which may well get an entry itself later.


Anyway, here are a few commands to make life a little easier:


show databases;
drop database [dbname];
create database [dbname];
create user '[username]'@'localhost' identified by '[password]'
grant all privilages on [dbname].[tablename] to 'username'@'localhost'
grant all privilages on *.* to 'username'@'localhost'


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