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Guitar Exercises

You're never going to get away from it, if you want to get good at the guitar as a whole you're going to need to focus on individaul aspects of your playing and polish them up. Here are a few of the guitar exercises that I've been using enough to actually write down, if you can make use of them as well then feel free!


It's worth noting however that all of these exercises should be approached in broadly the same way; the goal is to try and develop correct muslce memory.

This means that as far as possible you should only play things perfectly

Which sounds ridiculous I know, if you only ever played perfectly why bother with exercises right? the way to do this is to play things slowly. Play as slowly as you need to play to make sure that you execute what you're trying to play perfectly. There are a load of benefits that come with doing things this way, when you're playing slowly you've got lots of time and space to decide how you're going to pick a piece for example and what the most natural and economic way of doing that is. Once you've played perfectly at that speed enough that you can perfectly execute it in your sleep then up the metronome by 4-6 bpm and play it perfectly there, if you find you're making mistakes then go back to your previous tempo and practice some more - this sounds tedious and in reality it can be but ultimately this is the best way to teach your hands how to play the guitar.

In case you missed it, the other thing that you should always do when going through exercises or practicing in any way; Always use a metronome. Get one and use it, it's simply necesarry and will pay off dividends over time, if nothing else, how else would you track your progress against speed exercises?












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