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VBA can be a great way of automating office tasks or interfacing between systems to pull and push data and extend office functionality in general. A lot of the VBA that I write I end up writing in Excel and whilst it's great to be able to add code to a workbook it's often the case that you'll want the same funcitonality spread across your workbooks and what happens if you update one of these common functions - will you actually go through all of the implementations manually updating the code on each workbook? This is where we start to talk about add ins, a wonderful way of distributing a VBA project so that it can be selected to open every time you open Excel, exposing the functionality within..


Why xlam specifically?

There are a few different ways to create add ins for excel, 

Creating an xlam add in


method to fire when any WB is opened: https://exceloffthegrid.com/automatically-run-a-macro-when-opening-a-workbook/


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