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TikiWiki Setup

TikiWiki Setup

There are a few things that have helped set this site up a lot and as I'm setting up another using TikiWiki it makes sense to track a few of them


Content classification

 Firstly when setting up a TikiWiki you should decide on your strategy for storing all of the awesome information that you want and how you're going to be able to display it. I've re-organised this site whilst figuring out what I was going to do but you have two main weapons in your arsenal to deal with this issue and they can both be used with each other to do wonderful things. (yes, this is an awfully similar imlpementation to wordpress..)


Structures are what you see on the left on this site, they logically link pages together based on their topic. Your topic can be as high level as you like and you can have as many child pages as you like which again can have as many child pages as you like and so on.. this means that you can chose what content you want to store and how you want to group it. Structures aren't permanent and can be rearranged by dragging and dropping on their editing page, so if you set up a structure one way and want to move things around later, that's fine!


Categories are awesome, any page written anywhere in the above structures can also be tagged into one or many categories. This gives you a way to cross section the pages in any and every structure, assuming you have permissions. Categories can also be easily displayed on a page, the menu items display categories and are linked to pages which show automatic lists made up of one or many categories, as it happens I've put all of those category pages into their own structure too so that they're not orphaned


Sweet menu bar bro..

I thought so, I had an ugly implementation before this so here's how it was achieved (broadly from here):

  • Make a menu with the items that you want in them, the can link to a page on the wiki or another site
  • Assign a Menu module to the topbar that calls the menu that you've just created
    • in the Appearance section of the module options go to the Containing Class and enter  col-sm-9. This will set a containing div around the item from the bootstrap and set the menu to be 9/12ths the page width
  • Assign a Search module to the top bar and make all of the selections you like, for this site I've trimmed back basically everything because I like simplicity.
    • As above, go to the Appearance section and find the Containing Class field and enter col-sm-3. As you'd expect it sets the item to be 3/12ths the page width

And you're done, no more ugliness





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